Doing a Search  

1. On library homepage, select the “Catalogue” tab, and enter your search terms.

2. On the result page, you may modify your search by using the options beneath the search box, or the Advanced Search option for more focused searches:

A: Select resource type you’d like to search, such as books, journals, articles, audios, videos & images.

B: Enter your search terms as an exact phrase or “begin with”.

C: Specify search fields, such as in the title, as author/creator, ISBN, ISSN, etc.

3. Search results are listed by relevance. Use the filters on the left to refine your search by resource type, publication date, subject, etc.

  Understanding search results  

4. Each record provides information on an item’s title, author, year, and availability. If an item is available, information on its location and Call Number will be displayed.

5. When an item is not available, click either its title or the availability status to check the item status. There are usually three statuses for unavailable items:

− Technical: The item is being cataloged

− On order: The item has been ordered but not yet received

− On loan: The item is checked out with a due date indicated

  Placing a request on a checked-out item  

6. To place a request on a checked-out item, sign in with your UIC email account, and click “Request”. You will be notified by email once the item becomes available.

7. Sign in to your library account on Primo VE page to check your loans, requests, fines & fees, etc.